Herbal Formulas to Strain Your Skin


Herbal products which show positive effects on skin or cream which is natural is alternative to cream which has additives. (The cream which tightens the skin is so expensive…While its formulas can be found in nature why so much money is paid for cream that has chemical mixtures.) Its formulas can be important because they are created from natural products and medicinal plants because apart from its gripple feature that  is crucial for most women, some of them have effects on oestrogenic structure. Furthermore, most women prefer some herbal-based mixtures as they revive the matters which has been destroyed by aging in skin. For shiny,colorful and strained skin, it is important to close nature and know which plants or foods are beneficial for what.. For instance, the mixture which is prepared from rosemary leaves are used for the treatments of hurt and cut.. Spearmint and orange honey raise the skin and strain. It is not limited with these.. These are miraculous formulas..

Stretched Skin With Rosemary and Milk

Rosemary which grows in the area of Mediterranean and is known as “kuşdili” is used in the cosmetic sector apart from the solutions of the health problems.

Rosemary leaves are kept with water then its water is drained. The liquid which is obtained by squeezing can be used in the treatments of injury and cut by compressing.

Rosemary, an effective tonic, strains the skin and stimulates. I am offering a lotion that strains the skin.

10 gram rosemary is waited in a glass of warm milk. Then it is strained with tea ball or cheesecloth. Apart from eye contour, all face and neck are cleaned with a little cottonwool.

Miraculous Enzyme in Pineapple Juice

Drink pineapple juice twice a day. It contains vitamin B and vitamin C to produce collagen at skin. It is an important source in terms of manganese. Pineapple is providing an antioxidant protection and boosting the immune system.. It has a feature that strains the skin because of its special enzyme… The enzyme called “bromelain” strains the tissues and provides tightness of skin.

Created tightness of Lemon and Orange at Skin

You will see plenty of oranges at bench from now on. Consume plenty of them for the sake of beauty but don’t forget to add lemon,too.. 3 lemons, 1 orange and 1 cucumber (with their rinds) are stirred…  3 tablespoons rose water and 2 tablespoons alcohol are added to this mixture. It is waited an hour. Then, you clean your face both mornings and evenings. After cleaning, you can cream vegetable oil. (You can prefer sesame or almond oil to provide strain for skin.) At the time of this phase, you can use your fingertips with circular movements and massage to your face. You apply this vegetable oil to your skin with small massage movements. These oils which are additive-free and natural exist at Herbalum.

Facial Cleaning Lotion

Cleaning face is as important as feeding the skin. 1 tablespoon rosemary and 2 tablespoons dried daisy are put in a pot including water. It boils 15 min. This mixture is refrigerated. Then, it is filtered by using cheesecloth or strainer. Wash your face with this mixture. Rosemary has a characteristic to destroy microorganisms from your body. Daisy gives brightness to your face.

Parsley Mask

Parsley is very good at making the skin humid, strains and strengthens… It is a vegetable that is used for around the eyes. A bunch of parsley is cut and a glass of hot water is added on it. 10 min. is enough to wait.. (or put strainer on the pot in which water boils. You keep waiting it above water vapor). Then, parsley is refrigerated and strained. Apply some kind of nutritious cream around your eyes. Put a little cotton which is watered with mixture on your eyes. Lie down and wait 10-15 min. You can do this twice or three times a week.

Lotion that Makes Skin Smooth and Firm

3 dessert spoons daisy, 2 dessert spoons rose petal (or sage tea), 1 dessert spoon mint are boiled together. Apply this lotion on cleaned face on evenings with a little cotton. You can use it during 20-25 days. You will be aware of the difference.

Collagen at Forest Fruits

Forest fruits as berry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry is good for wrinkle. They include antioxidant that slows down the aging process. For example, a handful strawberry that has vitamin C meets the collagen need daily. Their water is applied to the skin as a mask. You can wait 10 or 15 min.. After absorption, you can clean. When these fruits are eaten, they also provide “internal support” and create so positive effects.

Honeyed Cream for All Skin Types

Mix the white of an egg well. Add one dessert spoon honey and one tea spoon almond oil on it.. Stir all of them until they become flow.. If your face is dry, you can add one- two tea spoon almond oil as an extra.. You can apply on your face once 4 or 5 days as a mask. This natural cream can be put in refrigerator and used until it is finished.

Wheat is an Ideal Product for Dry Skins

Dry skins are more sensitive because they wrinkle easily. For care, you mix a glass of wheat. Don’t forget to add 2 table spoons natural olive oil. (you can bray in iron garlic press, too) When this mixture melts, apply on face. (lie down absolutely and then make a mask.) After half an hour, clean your face with warm water. You can do it once a week.

Fresh Skin With Flour, Honey and Milk

You can prepare this mask easily. It boosts tired skins. A tea cup of warm milk, 2 table spoons flour and a table spoon honey are mixed. You apply this warm mixture on your skin and wait 10 min. Since mask consists of vitamin A,B and E, it has a feature to revive the skins.

Wrinkles on Forehead

Wet a white paper with warm water. Put cold cream on it. Put it on wrinkles on forehead. (Paper should not be on your  eye brows and hair.) You make it waited 15-20 min.

Dandelion Against Spot

Use 2 table spoons this plant. It boils 10 min. in a small coffee pot. Chill it and strain. You can wash your face with this water both mornings and evenings. After some time, it destroys spots and speckles. It provides to have a beautiful skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Onion Sap

The mixture that contains apple cider vinegar and onion sap is a natural prescription against either sunspots but also age spots… It destroys the brown spots that many women suffer from. The method is like this: Mix two small size onions (or cut them and pestle). Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar on onion sap and mix. Apply this natural lotion on evenings and lie down… After half an hour, wash it. You can do it every two or three days. If you want, you can apply only onion sap. You can clean your face everyday by using soaked cotton with onion sap. (It is offered that you can apply it on evenings rather than mornings not to smell and wash it). However, if you wish, you can sleep with this lotion until morning.

Rock Salt is a Natural Source

Rock salt which extracts from salt mine as a large pieces is not refined. It can treat the lines around under-eye and mouth and wrinkles because of sunlight. This salt that is rich in terms of magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and iron is using in many places. After application, blood circulation accelerates. The natural balance of rock salt regulates moisture equilibrium of body. Moreover, it is good for eyes.

For tired eyes, do this: Prepare a cup of water and half dessert spoon salt. You get 2 glasses of salty water. Soak your hands and put them on your under-eyes.

Wild Strawberry Tea

If you have an spotty skin, I want you to offer a beverage. Steep wild strawberry tea and drink every morning. Moreover, there are some plants against acnes. Daisy, lavender and mallow tea are also good for them because they speed blood circulation. This decreases strains so the formation of acnes is prevented.

Hands are also so Important

There is a good mixture for hands. A cup of olive oil is warmed and put quarter of lemon juice in it. Stand your hands in it for 10 min. Furthermore, this formula is beneficial for strong nails and handcare:  10 drops almond oil, 3 drops lavender oil, 2 drops bergamot oil are mixed with a dessert spoon glycerin. Hot water is added on them. Put your hands in this mixture and wait 10 min. Then, hands are saturated to these oils by massaging.

Superb Hands with Rice Flour

Don’t forget that you can prepare cosmetics from rice flour in your kitchen. Mix some rice flour with a tea glass of milk. Then, add 1 table spoon jojoba oil in it. Apply this mixture to your hand and wash them after 20 min. You will notice the beauty of your hands.

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