Hair Loss Prevention Oils and Care Proposals


The most common beauty complaint among women is dry and damaged hair. Fortunately, there are many oils in nature that repair hair breaks, which are good for hair knotting and give a natural shine. These natural plants have answers to many problems from hair loss to hair loss.


Jojoba Oil

It is an oil easily absorbed by the skin which softens the hair and strengthens the hair strands to make it resistant to breakage. Also hair extensions and hair

rots is one of the most important solutions of this oil. Jojoba oil is also used in hair creams and shampoos. This refined oil, which is sold in spice shops, has a cure against problems such as eczema, psoriasis and headlouses.


Lavender oil

Lavender oil, which makes it easier to stretch the hair, also feeds the hair and stops the formation of hair breaks. The most important benefit is to increase the amount of oxygen to the hair’s lower extremities by providing blood circulation through the hair. If you use it with thyme and rosemary oil and use it in your skin care, you have prevented it from irritating the skin.


Almond oil

It is the most important oil used in hair care. It nourishes the hair and feeds the necessary vitamin E. It is fortified with the abundance mineral in its. Almond oil, when applied, also provides cuffs to stretch and look stronger.


Coconut Oil

Everyone’s favorite food for the last period, as well as for your hair is doing great work. Coconut oil is rich about in repairing damaged hair, and also in helping to reduce head shrinkage, prevent hair breakage, and prevent product accumulation in hair pores. It is a vegetable oil recommended for bright and thick hair. It feeds the hair and helps to prolong it.


Hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil that prevents the formation of hair with dandruff, gives hair a shine and a lively appearance. İncludes highly B1, B2, B6 and E vitamins and this vegetable oil has the ability to feeding hair. Not only in the hair, but also used in the skin care, moisture and shining view on the skin.

Violet Oil

If you have dry hair, violet oil is for you! Moisturizes dry hair and gives it a bright and lively appearance. Violet oil is One of the old method to prevent hair loss.


Rosemary oil

Prevents fractures and strengthens hair follicles. It contains caffeic and rosmarinic acid which gives the hair volume, feds the hair and removes itchiness and irritation.


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