Hair Care With Herbal Oils


Argan oil: It contains vitamin and by this vitamin it nurtures the hair,prevents hair shedding and gives brightness and saturation. Argan oil is added to almost all of the hair care products and it is easy to say you can’t find any product without argan oil. Well, is argan oil useful? Are the oils real?The answers of these question are in our essay.

 Cade oil: It prevents hair shedding. Cade oil is strong antiseptic and it can be used for skin diseases which are seen in hair skin such as eczema. It relaxes the skin and cleans the irritation. Also, it cleans stored oil and hair conditioners remained residuals and by this way provides breathing of hair roots.

Rosemary oil: It prevents hair shedding and dandruff. If you are looking for solution to make your hair longer healthy, this oil can be helpful for you as nurturing and making stronger hair roots. Rosemary oil reinforces hair roots and by this support hair shedding problem disappears.It increases blood cycle of hair skin and by this features is advised as anti-hair shedding but I don’t think that it has any effect to genetic hair shedding. It can prevent only hair shedding based from air pollution, hair dye’s damage effect and hair skin problems.


Wheat oil: It has repairmen effect for damaged hairs. Your hair can be damaged due to sun, hair dryer, air pollution and other environmental problems. You can get your healthy, soft and waxen hairs if you make cure with natural oils. Beneficial oils such as wheat oils can prevent possible damages can be occurred in future and reinforces your hair.

Walnut oil: It nurtures hair roots and hairs. Walnut is natural moistener and an excellent oil type which does miracles on skin and hair.

Walnut Oil’s benefits to Hair:   Eliminating splittings, nurturing hair roots and bringing brighter looking to hair. It prevents hair shedding and provides smooth hair edges. It repairs the hair up to edges and nurtures the hair roots. Brings lost bright looking to hair back. Makes brighter tarnished looking of the hair. Walnut oil nurtures hair roots and provides getting hairs longer. It was verified by some researchers that it prevents hair shedding.

Pine turpentine oil: It nurtures hairs and its roots, prevents hair shedding and dandruff. We talked about hair care as first of the pine turpentine oil’s benefits, beside that it has positive effects for gonorrhoea, respiratory problems, diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, urinary tract problems. Also we can define as benefits of pine turpentine oil being good for reinforcing immune system   influenza period, treatment of             hemorrhoid.  Pine turpentine oil can be used against hair shedding problems and cleaning dandruffs. By the way,I need to add stimulating capillary vessels and balancing blood cycle to benefits of pine turpentine oil. Pine turpentine oil is also known as menstrual expectorant and it has appetising and galactagogue features.

Blackseed oil: It nurtures hairs an dits roots, prevents hair shedding and dandruff. Long television programs are performed in television and lots of paper essays are written in newspaper to show preventing hair shedding and hair growing but we couldn’t find any medicine or natural product that it is proven solution for related problems 100 percent . So, to see how your hairs will be looked, to look at closely relatives hairs. There isn’t any solution for hair shedding except that hair plugging.

Daphne oil:It helps to growing of hair. It found place in both kitchen and cosmetic products by its fragrance. Daphne oil not only has benefits to skin but also has important benefits for hairs. It is known as especially preventing be oiled of the                steatopygia hairs. Beside that, daphne oil reinforces hair and hair roots by nurturing, prevents dandruffs, provides growing of hair fast and prevents splittings. It is important that hair protects its health and beauty for years.Hair can be biggest symbol of the                  aesthetics. The person who has beautiful, healthy and bushy hair always attracts someone’s attention. So necessary importance should be given to the hairs and it’s care should be done regularly.

-It prevents steatopygia problem

-Nurtures strands and hair skin

-Provides hair with volume and brighter hair

-Eliminates dandruff problem and prevents reappearing

-Helps to hair fast growing

-Prevents splittings


Castor oil: Reinforces hair and eyelashes and at the same time prevents hair sheddings. Castor oil is derived from castor oil herb’s seeds, it is colourless-straw yellow and a perfumed oil. It can be solved in alcohol easily. Because of digesting it is hard,it can’t be used as cooking oil. Using it in medical is common. Main component of the oil is ricinoleic acid.


Nettle seed oil:

It prevents hair shedding. Today we are going to give you some informations about nettle seed oil which does miracles in hair and skin care. Beside excellent and clear skin, vivacious, hair with volume and healthy hair is not far away with nettle seed oil. Let’s see hot it is used.


Jojoba oil: It reinforces the hair how it grows the hair. It is used for moistening dried hairs. Jojoba oil makes hairs softer and can be used before shampoo to solve nodes. If you have labile,excessive dried hairs, itchy and easy irritated skin, I advise you to try jojoba oil. Jojoba shows an effect like “sebum” which we call as oil is produced by sebaceous gland of hair skin, moistens the skin, makes hairs ofter and largely stops fraction of hair’s edges. You can apply jojoba oil to hair roots as massaging and if your hair’s edges have fraction problem, you can use it also there.


Violet oil: It moistens and makes brighter dried hairs. It is effective for hair shedding. However your hairsare healthy, they become dried, fractured, damaged, tarnished and subfucs due to external factors from time to time. There some ways to restore hairs and bring their beauty back. One of them is hair care oils. There are some effective oils in hair care.


Eucalyptus oil:

It prevents hair shedding and dandruff. First benefit of eucalyptus oil is increasing blood cycle in hair skin and providing taking more oxygen of hair roots. As the result of it, hair roots become stronger and hair sheddings reduce. Another benefit of eucalyptus oil is being good for skin diseases such as fungus. If you add some eucalyptus oil to olive oil that you use homemade natural hair care masks and hair softener you can provide brighter hairs.


Pure olive oil: It reinforces hair and hair roots. At the some time reduce hair stress and gives flexibility to hairs and makes them more healthy. It makes hair and hair roots softer, gives natural brightness to hair and prevents splitting.


Apply half of tea glass of olive oil to your all hair as massaging. Keep your hair for 45 minutes and then wash your hair. You can realize difference after 4-5 application.

Beside the oils that I listed, also wheat oil, almond oil, garlic oil, argan oil, cedar oil, walnut oil, pine turpentine oil, blackseed oil, daphne oil, nettle seed oil and castor oil can provide necessary mineral, moisten dried hair, eliminate some skin diseases, nurtures hair and help to growing gair,prevent splitting.

Garlic oil: Grows the hair. Experts mention about the benefits of garlic and say “hair shedding problem can be seen everyone.This problem is generally comes from genes but external factors can be effective. External factors are generally air, water, foods, hair dyes and something like this. In this situation, natural care cures and masks can be best and economic solution.

Some benefits of one of natural product garlic oils are reinforcing weak hairs, reducing splitting of hairs, preventing hair shedding and growing new hair. Garlic oil

Sesame oil: Prevents hair splitting. Sesame oil generally moistens hair skin and reinforces hair roots. Flaking hair skin and dandruff can be solved by sesame oil as  adding it to oil of thyme and sageoil and applying it as massaging.

Sweet almond oil: It nurtures the hair and prevents hair shedding. Almond oil based hair care is always both economic and efficient. Because of this it is preference of women. Almon oil is not only beneficial for hairs but also beneficial for every part of body where we have body hair. For example in eyelash care, almond oil is extremely effective and also brow, moustache, beard care this oil can be used.

Ylang oil: It grows the hair and thickens it. There lots of oil for hair care. Some of them prevents hair shedding, some of them prevents dandruff and some of them for growing the hair or similar hair problems. Another beneficial oil for hair care is ylang oil. Ylang oil has lots of benefits for hair.

Lavender oil: It prevents being infested with lice. If want to protect especially our children from louses, we need to use lavender oil.

Coconut oil: It helps to hair in oil problems. Coconut oil has potassium, calcium and iron and they are so beneficial minerals for hairs. Due to it reinforces hairs, coconut oil is so useful for damaged hairs. Coconut oil includes potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron and they are the most important minerals that your hair needs.


You can take advantage of coconut oil especially for damaged hairs. Apply 1-2 table spoon of coconut oil 2-3 times in a week, wrap your hair withstrech or towel, wait for half an hour and then washyour hair.

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