Green Tea Skin Care Cream – Benefits – How To Make – How to Use

Green Tea Skin Care Cream - Benefits - How To Make - How to Use

How Is Green Tea Used In The Skin Care?

Anti-Aging : Green tea slows down symptoms that aging forms on the skin thanks to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. For sample,  green tea enhances elasticity of the skin against threats such as wrinkle formation and the skin prolapse. According to a study conducted among women group that use cream which contains green tea and which does not; in spite of the fact that there is not a visible clear difference between women. In result of tests conducted, it has been found that there is a remarkable healing in elasticity tissue on skins of women using green tea-creem.

Skin Disease  Such As Nacre,  Dandruff ad Acne :Thanks to its anti-inflammatory feature , it has been observed that green tea is also beneficial in treatment of the skin diseases such as nacre, dandruff and node formation on the skin. Green tea hinders formation of acne that many people suffer as well.

The Sun and Care Cream : You can use sun creams that contain green tea on your face and on all parts of your skin that see sun to benefit from green tea’s  features such as protection skin against harmful rays of the sun and retarding aging.

For Purplenesses Under Eye: The most basic substance of cosmetic products manufactured in attempt to get rid of purplenesses under eye is vitamin K. Because green tea contains plenty of vitamin K, you can make your own cure  by green tea bags instead of buying cosmetic product. At first, wait cooling of the tea you brew. Subsequently keep its leaves on both your eyes by wrapping leaves up in a cloth for about 2p minutes. If you make it by tea-bag,  drink it’s water,  cool bags in refrigerator. Then, keep both bags on your eyes  It is vital that green tea is cold.  Because hot water widens vessels,  thus this increases purplenesses and paniculas. In the end of 20 minutes,  your supraorbital will be more rested and tightened.  You can do this application every morning.

green tea

The Use of Green Tea : Before using,  the skin must be washed and completely dry. It is applied on the skin by giving massage with slight circular actions as a thin layer 2-3 times a day.

How Is Green Cream Made At Home?

Brew green tea in a porcelain teapot.  Add an egg yol, flower honey of a dessertspoon and  10 miligrams of glycerin in steeped tea which is transferred t a more pit pot. ( You can take glycerin from pharmacies without a recipe )  Rub this mixture gained by giving massage on your face and on your decolletic part by a cotton after mixing it.


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