Fig and its Benefits


Fig is a strong antioxidant source for immune system which becomes weaker especially in mid season from summer to autumn. However it has benefits, should be careful to don’t fall for its taste and avoid from overdose eating.

It increases bowel activity

Nowadays, unhealthy nutrition habits and low fibre consuming due to daily intense work pressure trigger costiveness. People should take 25-30 gram fibre each day and the fig makes bowel activity faster by its fibres. 1 medium size fig includes 1 gram fibre. Drinking 1-2 glass of water with fig helps to make bowel activity faster and faster.

Makes bowels stronger

Especially in mid season from summer to autumn, the immune system gets weaker and consuming fig with proper dose gives resistance to the body with its strong antioxidant feature. It is rich for vitamin A, E and K. Its antioxidant capacity exists in highly in dark ones.

It nurtures the bones

2 medium size fig includes equal calcium with 1 glass of milk. By its calcium and magnesium, it nurtures the bones. Especially dark coloured figs includes more antioxidant.

It decrease breast cancer risk

According to scientific studies, consuming plenty of fruit content fibres decrease the risk of breast cancer for women after menopause period. You may reduce breast cancer risk as making your preference with 1 fig. Meanwhile fig has protecting and preventing feature against cancer by benzaldehyde that it includes.

It preserves the heart

Fig is rich for potassium which provides heart pressure balancing. The people who can’t consume sufficient fruid and vegetables but consume processed food and meat and has high cardiac risks, consume more sodium and live lack of potassium. If you do not have diabet disease, eating daily 1 fig regularly may help you to balance your heart pressure.

Pay attention to its sugar!

Due to its high sugar and it increases suddenly blood sugar, the people who has diabet problem should avoid from it. If they have to eat, it shouldn’t be more than 1. Also healthy people should be careful to their portion. Instead of1 portion fruit, you may choose 2 middle size figs but if you are deceived to its fresh looking and eat in high quantity, it means you have taken high quantity sugar. It makes you hungry till next meal and causes to diabet disease in overdose consuming due to including 20 gram carbonhydrate and 80 calories in 100 gram.


Turkey’s Aydın cityproduce 90% of the figs in the world

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