Cocoa Oil and Benefits

Cocoa Oil and Benefits

Cocoa oil which is got from cocoa tress’s berries has long shelf life and especially it is highly used in some goods such as chocolate. Oil is the salient component with feature of antioxidant among skin care products and cosmetic products. It is moisturizer and it leads wounds get better fastly and leads natural brightness.

  • Cocoa Oil As An Moisturizer: It cause a barrier to avoid loss of moisture and keeps skin moister and soft when it is used. Not only does cocoa oil prevent letting moisture evaporate but also it feeds the skin with the help of E vitamin. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemical softener and doesn’t cause adverse effect in contrast to especially harmful moisturizer cosmetics. It can be used for dry skin which is itchy also. It is for over dried and aching skins after sunburn.


  • Cocoa Oil For Wounds: It can be used for irritated skin to let it good, for dried skin to let it moist and feed and for wounds to let it cure. It can be applied to skin wounds that happen after surgery and also all wounds. Cocoa oil that can be used for burn injuries diminishes itching and lets place of injury soft that diminishes the pain.


  • Cocoa Oil For Stretch Marks: Almost all women wants to take precaution stretch marks that occur after pregnancy. But they think that cosmetics that they use aren’t for this problem. If you don’t want to let chemical components in cosmetics touch your skin, you can use cocoa oil. Cocoa oil doesn’t let stretch marks remove but avoid happening.


You can use it in a day. A, B1, B2, B3, C and E vitamins that take place in cocoa oil il the perfect moisturizer.


  • Cocoa Oil For Chapped Lips: Wind, dry air or hot can cause chapped lips. To avoid that problem you can use cocoa oil in a day. As your lips dry, you should use it.


  • Cocoa Oil Source Of Antioxidant: Free radical causes damages to cell and these can get in touched with the skin cells that leads growth. Also wrinkle can happen and dry and you look like older than you are. And this happens in the way of letting oxidation and antioxidant can avoid this problem. There are other antioxidants that include something which can remove free radical in cocoa oil.


  • Cocoa Oil To Cure Skin: Cocoa oil is said that cocoa oil can cure skin problems such as eczema and sore skin. But here is not guarantee.


  • Cocoa Oil To Get Bronzed: From of old tanning cream that is bronzer is produced from cocoa oil. Because cocoa oil lets our skin moist and leads permanent bronzed. But don’t forget that cocoa oil doesn’t protect us from harmful solar rays and increases wrinkles that are the symbol of growth. The advice is that you should use sun protection factor tanning cream instead of cocoa oil before going out.


  • Massage With Cocoa Oil: The survey brings out that massage with cocoa oil can reduce stress, and support immune system and even can avoid cancer.


-The things that should be known about Cocoa Oil-

  • Cocoa oil dissolves in body temperature.
  • Cocoa oil is absorbed easily and lusters the skin.
  • If you have dried, itchy skin and painful muscles, you can add cocoa oil with a spoon-full to your bath water.
  • Cocoa oil is the thing that can be added to homemade soap.

Cocoa Oil and Benefits 2



-Mask Recipe With Cocoa Oil-

  • Ingredients:

1) a spoon-full cocoa oil

2) One dessert spoon honey

3) One tea spoon milk

4) Oat flour as much as it takes.

  • Recipe: Mix the ingredients.

Apply the mixture to your face.

The ingredients that take in place in this mask have some features such as moisturizer recursive and so on because it includes nutritious components.

Mask Recipe With Cocoa Oil

-Side Effects Of Cocoa Oil-

1)  One-spoon cocoa oil is equal to 120 cal and includes approximately 14 g oil. And that oil is mostly frozen. If 200 call diet is considered, taking 65 g is suggested. So you meet %16 of your oil need with the help of cocoa oil. Also we should avoid over-use of cocoa oil.

2) Cocoa oil is mostly used for skin products. It is useful for some of them whereas it can cause side reactions such as an allergy, skin rash for some of them who are especially allergic to nut. Skin rash can be red, dried and small puff. And even it can cause upheaval and burning sensation.

3) Cocoa oil can cause tallow face and postulation when it is over-used.

4) Indigestion, colic for sensitive babies, chest pain for heart disease people, breathing problem, and insomnia thanks to caffeine can be called as side effects.

E vitamin that takes place in cocoa oil is useful both for skin and hair and you can use cocoa oil for your hair. You can find more information in the page which is called benefits of cocoa oil to hair.

WARNING: These information that take place here is gathered from different sources and suggestions. These shouldn’t be used for diagnostic and treatment.



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