Calendula cream and Benefits


I will talk about again healthy and natural life, herbs, skin care with natural products. Tody’s herb is calendula, both remedy for lots of skin problem and natural. One of the flower heralds the coming of spring is calendula. Calendula is used for long years in cosmetic world in creams with its pleasant odour and benefits to skin. In this regard, it goes without saying benefits of calendula.


Benefits of calendula

  • Clears sungus problems (bowel, stomach, mouth, tongue and lung fungus) up
  • Microbic aundice
  • Solves high lung enzyme problem
  • Heals vein imflammation
  • Cleans the blood


How to consume calendula?

Add 1 dessert spoon calendula  to 1 glass of water which boils in a small   pot and keep it there for 5 minutes. Leach it before it gets cold and drink it as warm 2  hours laterafter the dinner. Please take care of to donoteat anything after drinking it. By this way, you can relieveyour diseases. Alsoyou can make it better assqueezing 1 slice lemon.


Benefits of Calendula

  • Calendula cream has skin repairmen and skin troubleshooter features. It conatins antibioticeffects and bythis way it can eliminate all skin problems fast.
  • It cleans aging skin spots
  • Makes healing process of wounds faster
  • Eredicates furuncle
  • Eliminates injury and smash deformations
  • Treats burnts
  • Relieves muscle and joint pains
  • Eliminates skin problemssuch as pimple and acne
  • Treats skin problems such as psora and eczema
  • Treats tinea pedis and genital area fungus
  • It solves bacterial and allergic skin problems
  • Prevents drying and crack problem of lips
  • It helps to make softer  oftenly hardening parts of body such as knee, elbow and heel
  • It shows disinfectant effect on body
  • Treats falling and crashing caused oedemas
  • If it is appliedas a thin lay, prevents and eliminates rashes.
  • Relieves rheumatismal pains
  • Makes musclessofter, prevents tonus and muscular contraction
  • Makes francolins vague
  • Makes skin tightening
  • Nurture skin and prevents aging wrickles
  • It can be used to remove make up

Preparing homemade Calendula

Melt 250 gram butter as bain-marie and then take to a pan. Add 20 gram calendula and warm it for 3-4 minutes. After that take this mixture to a glass cup and keep 1 day as it is closed. Next day, leach it with cheesecloth as very light warming. Add 100 gram lanolin to this mixture and then mix. After that add 5 drops of oil of thyme,5 drops of lavender oil and then mix again. When it becomes homogeneously, fill it to a closed jar and keep it till 6 months in refrigerator. You can use it when you need.


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