Black Grape Seeds Cream


Black Grape Seeds Cream has a protective effect on the skin  due to   it contains  the high content of linoacid (omega-6)   in  its formula,

This cream is Nourishing, restorative, moisturizing

Cream reduce the effect of aging with its Rich content and lightness

The cream,  quickly penetrates the skin  and  moisturizes the skin deeply and provides a smooth appearance.

The antioxidant effect of grape is 50 times more than vitamin E


The antioxidant effect of grape is 20 times more than vitamin C

This cream  that hasrestorative and sedative effect  leaves a silky effect  on skin

image: Black Grape Seeds

How to Make Black Grape Seed Mask


1 Cups Black Grape Seed

1 Spoon  Pure olive oil


mix Black Grape  and Olive Oil with Blender

and apply  The obtained liquid mixture with gentle movements with fingertips

then left it in  the skin for about 10 minutes.

Finally, you can wash and dry your skin with  warm water.

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