Benefits of Turkish Coffee

Benefits of Turkish coffee


Two couples Turkish coffee in a day, reduce colon and large bowel cancer risk %25, gallstone risk %45.

By the cafein, it awares neural system and make mentation stronger. Gives high energy and keeps you awake. According  to researches conducted, 55 years-old man who drinks 6 cups of Turkish coffee has 6 times bigger thinking potential than who doesn’t drink. Also Turkish coffee drinkers live decay problem less than who doesn’t drink. It makes Turkish coffee more remarkable.


After drinking body,the body lives some instantly differences . All the body is effected by the energy flow. This energy starts to disappear after 3 hours in children, after 5-7 in adults.Although the benefits of Turkish Coffee, we don’t recommend to consume it so much.Because after drinking it as overdose you may live insomnia or stomach problem. Also high consuming causes to high tension.


Coffee helps to digestion if it is drunk after the meal. If you don’t consume it with sugar, it prevents getting weight and stomach problems. Makes your dreams bigger, gives power to memory, make you more energic and eliminates laxity. It is clear that coffee has benefits to thinking. Lots of poets,lots of writer, lots of painters keeped their coffee cup closer when they were making their artworks. According to rumours, famous poet Eşref, used to drink 2 cup of coffee before writing ironies. Also we can state some features of coffee when we summary, it doesn’t have any side effect if you drink it in normal dose. It makes you relaxed. One cup of coffee includes 50 mg cafein and it can be taken out of the body easily. Drinking 1 more cup of coffee after the first cup, it makes your brain open to signals, it has stimulant feature and gives energy to your body. If you take it at right time and right place, it has extraordinary deligthing feature.2 cups of coffee can be counted beneficial fort he body.


Benefits of Turkish coffee
image: Turkish Coffee


Benefits of Turkish coffee

  • Reduces colesterol
  • Increases painkillers effects %40
  • Decreases breast cancer risk
  • 3 cups of coffee ina da reduces asthma danger
  • Make you sociable
  • Reduces cirrhosis risk %50
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Makes bones stronger, but it isunfavorable for olders
  • Stops type 2 diabates and Parkinson
  • It is effective on skinproblems like cellulite
  • Prevents high tension
  • Decreases pancreas cancer risk
  • Preventsheart problems toa large extent
  • It is effective to depression


Drinking a cup of Turkish Coffee with a beloved one has forty years of unforgettable memories

Coffee makes habit to drinkers and t was proffedby theresearchs.According to result of research which wasc onductedin America, one cup of coffee is good for headache, liver and stomach problems. In Daily Mail, Benefits and Harms of the coffee are listed.


Benefits and Harms of Turkish Coffee

Cancer: It includes antioxidant like green and black tea and it prevents increasing the cells that cause to cancer

Headache: However it effects negatively the migraine, it is a solutiın way for headache.The coffee includes some materials that can be seen in painkillers and when you make comparison with painkillers, it is more effective %40

Brain stimulation: Coffee helps to concentration.  According to researches, the kids who drink their milk with a trace of coffee, become more successful in school life.

Liver: Regularly coffee drinkers have less problems in liver like cirrhosis

Gallstone: Women body produces gallstone 2 times more than men’s. The woman who drink 4 cups of coffee in a day have %25less complaint than who doesn’t drink

Skin:  The coffee has big benefit on cellulite


Turkish Coffee, was discovered by Turks and it is the name of preparing and making coffee method. It has special taste, foam, smell, making way and serving style and it has an identity and tradition. It is the only thing that served with it’s grout.

Coffee helps to digestion and keeps the body awake. Like how everything have side effects when you use over dose, also it has harms. However it isn’t produced in Turkey, it is known in all over the World as ”Turkish coffee” with it’s special making way.


Coffee pot
image : Turkish
coffee pot


Features of TurkishCoffee

It is the oldest method of making coffee

It is all foam, coffee and grout

With it’s soft foam, it can keep it’s taste can’t be forgot easily and can stay hot for long time.

Becauseofserving it with thin cup, it gets colder slower than other coffee types and it presents you long coffee deligthing

It’s intensive syrup consistence, stays in your mind longer by moving taste buds

According to other coffee types, itissofter and more aromatic

It can be seleceted easily with it’s lovely smelland specialfoam

It is the only coffee that can be used to estimate the future

Because of the grouts go bottom, it doesn’t have to be filtered

While making that, youcanaddsugar andit makes it different than others because only Turkish Coffee doesn’t need to be sweeten later
It is healthy but we don’t recommend to drink sinked groutes

It doesn’t make swelling if you drink it in right dose

It includes less cafein than other type of coffees

It is the only coffee that can be served ready because of adding the sugar in making process according to preferrence

If you drink water before drinking coffee, you clean all other tastesin your mouth andcanget it’s unique taste better

Also it is the a must one of the Turkish Tradition “asking for the girl’s hand in marriage”



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