Benefits of the Fennel

Benefits of the Fennel

Fennel is a well known plant in China, India and also in middle east region. Benefits of the Fennel can be stated like being digestive, balancing cholosterol and tension. Rezene tea, oil and seeds are used to figth against lots of illnesses

It is known with his benefits to anemia. It is rich in including iron and histidine. When iron prepares of the hemoglobin, histidine stimulates hemoglobin production. These 2 components contributes to body, against to anemia.

It can be used for  indigestion. It reduces stomach and bowel  inflammations, makes occlusion of the nutrions easier, stimulates ensures digestion and stimulates the stomach to exrete gastric juice. It also has effects on  costiveness. Rezene seeds preserve the body from costiveness.

Eliminates gases in bowels. By it’s aspartic acid, it has  carminative feature. Reduces swelling, helps to gas to get out of stomach and bowel.

It is effective against cholosterol. And it is rich in fibers. These fibers balance cholosterol rate in blood and balancing this rate helps to keep the body away from heart problems.

Rezene seed’s  core preserves you from cancer. Prevents tumor cells getting bigger. In this way, helps to body to fight with other cancer types.

Under favour of being rich in potasium, it reduces tension. Potasium reduces strainnes in blood veins and blood pressure.  Also reducing blood pressure helps to reduce the tension. High tension is the root cause of heart attack and paralysis.

It has good relations with brain. Potasium is a mineral that intensively exists in rezene flower’s bulb and it’s seed. Potasium makes brain functions stronger and oxygen can be delivered to brain easier.

It is like a vitamin C warehouse. Vitamin C makes immune system stronger and repair skin texture. Makes collagenic structer for skin.

In  period of menopause  it has lots of benefits. Sets hormonic activities in body and especially in  period of menopause  it has relaxing  and painkiller features.

It helps to breasts to become bigger. Rezene seeds includes flavonoids and it acts like a stimulant and makes breasts bigger by increasing  oestrogen  in body. New cells and tissues arise by the time and it helps to breasts get bigger.

It preserves eye health. Beside reducing aging earlier, it also has effects on  visual impairment. By including vitamin C, arginin and other materials, it prevents aging and eye strains.

It is a good expectorator. It’s seed has expectorator feature and opens your throat and nose. It is good for  respiratory tract  . Being good for  bronchitis  and cough are some features of rezene.


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