Benefits of Snail Cream

Benefits of Snail Cream

Snail is the only animal in nature that can regenerate itself..Allantoin, secreted by the snail, is rich in vitamins, calcium and protein. Through Allantoin, the skin is renewed and acnes,traces left by acnes, and fine wrinkles are covered. Snail cream is not allergenic and is compatible with all skin types.

What is Snail Cream For?

  • It helps prevent acne, wrinkle and spot suchlike negativities in skin. It also gives surprising results when applied continuously twice a day, in constantly weight loss and post-natal skin fissures in women. Snail cream,which is very effective  to clear off completely healed and removed but scarred scars and burn marks It also provides successful results in the case of the remaining stitch traces after the operation.The only thing to be careful about here is the wound should be completely closed in the area where it is to be driven. Snail cream is a natural miracle of all the skin problems caused by sunburn, redness and sun sensitivity, which is a big effect in preventing possible stains on the skin.

Snail cream, which relieves dry skin sensitivity and tending to wrinkle formation, is also effective in relieving irritations and redness from the body which occur after men shave.

  • The skin will have a smooth and soft appearance like a silk.
  • It slows the formation of eye circles and necklines, which are more common in women, and delays the formation of these lines when prematurely applied.
  • Skin is renewed, refreshed and limpid with allantoin ingredient in snail cream.
  • It gives elasticity to the skin with its elastin substance.
  • The collagen material in the snail cream incorporates it into the skin tightening product category.
  • •Glycolic acid, the snail cream contains, allows the dead skin to be thrown away, thus accelerating new skin formation.
  • Anti-aging (an effect delaying aging on skin)
  • The snail cream removes the traces acnes causes.
  • It has an ability to clear fissure traces.
    The snail cream extinguishes  skin fissures,which happen after birth,reducing them gradually.
  • It reduces roughness on a dry skin,keeps it moist.
  • It reduces and extinguishes  a lot of traces like scars.
  • It is effective in relieving post-shaving bulges.
  • Salyangozun etkisi bütün bu faydalarının yani sıra cilde pürüzsüz, ipeksi bir görünüm ve yumuşaklık kazandırır.
  • The effect of a snail,beside its all benefits,makes the skin smoothless,silky and soft.


As for how snail cream is used; Before applying snail cream to your skin, be careful that the area you are driving is thoroughly cleaned and free from all foreign substances. Snail creams should be applied 2-3 times a day as a thin layer, especially before bedtime. In order to penetrate the skin thoroughly, you should make sure that after applying cream, massage with circular motion and keep it under the skin.In a daytime,applying it on a clean skin,in case of make up,do your make up,after you apply the cream and when it dries.

The features a snail secretion has are to struggle with acnes,prevent wrinkles that might occur and it also has an effect that removes in being wrinkles,cracks,acnes and scars,rejevenating and renewing skin. In addition, the anti-aging effect gives short-term excellent results, further enhancing the importance of snail secretion for a healthy and more comfortable skin.

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