Benefits of rosemary oil to get rid of body fat



Rosemary oil is derived from rosemary herb’s leaf essence. Rosemary oil is as beneficial as rosemary and it is used for lots of diseases treatment. It is generally used by women to get rid of weights, losing belly fat and eliminating cellulites and number one preference for the woman who wants to lose weight. Rosemary oil is also used by rheumatism patients and some researches proved that it is good for lots of diseases.


What are the benefits of Rosemary oil?

It is beneficial for arthralgia

You can use also for headache

You can also use to heal purpleness as applying it to body part and massing softly

If you have hair shedding or scurf problem, you can use it as massaging to hair roots

To provide brighter looking of your skin, you can use it as applying it to your skin 1-2 times in a week

Rosemary is used in some kind of skin creams contents


Is it possible to lose weight with rosemary oil?

Rosemary oil is generally used for local slimming rather than all body slimming. It is generally used to losing belly fat and hip. If you want to get rid of belly fats, you can drink rosemary tea or apply rosemary oil. One of the most known feature of herbal teas is making metabolism system faster. Fast metabolism makes burning fats faster and plays effective role.


How to use use Rosemary oil?

Apply and make absorbed rosemary oil to where you have overweight and you want to get rid of. After that make massage to part of body where you applied rosemary oil for 10 minutes.

Once in a day will be sufficient.


If you perform it in night, stretch oil applied part and provide better absorbing. (For this topic, you can read our Losing belly fat as stretching stretch film) By this way you can provide local slimming. Take care of performing it 2-3 times in a week. Overdose can be harmful for your skin.


After applying this oil and stretching with stretch, you can get more benefits if you make some exercise or going on a walk) Do not perform this application more than 2-3 times in a week. Because your skin needs to breathe. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. You will have extra swelter and need to use toilet, don’t get into a panic.


Don’t forget to supply your application with going on a walk for 45 minutes in the morning or evening

Rosemary oil is extremely effective for burning belly fat

Make massage in the bath with bath puff to applied part

Rosemary oil For losing weight:

When it is applied to a cellulite part, you will see easily getting rid of it easily after a while


If you want to drink or eat rosemary, you can add 2-3 drops of it to one glass of hot water or drip 2-3 drops to cube sugar. Maximum 3 times do it in a day. It is quite effective in losing weight. Rosemary and its oil can be found in herbalists and you can buy with affordable price.

Rosemary Oil Cure for Cellulite

Rosemary oil- 10 drops

Cypress Oil- 10 drops

Grapefruit oil- 10 drops

Sesame oil- 100 ml

Mix these materials and apply to your cellulites as massaging to make them absorbed. To be more efficient, you can do it with loofah sponge.

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