Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Care

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Care

Using olive oil comes out good for facial beauty.

  • Mix vinegar, water, and olive oil. Amount of the olive oil should be total of water and vinegar. This helps the skin soften and shine and it is like night cream.
  • This mixture helps the skin get the enough amount of moisture that is needed. Put a trace of sugar on your palm. And rub the sugar on your face which is covered olive oil.
  • Then, wash your face until sugar removes. This implementation removes dead skin cells, which causes skin renewal. Furthermore, skin looks healthy and shiny.
  • Rubbing lips with olive oil helps to avoid stretch marks on lips or to diminish.
  • Massage with olive oil makes fine lines on face, creases and dried spots look better. It supplies moisture.
  • Alternatingly, grate orange peel and lemon peel. Mix peels and olive oil. And apply this mixture to your face. Then rinse your face with plenty of water (water shouldn’t be hot). This implementation acts as moisturizer and cleaner.


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How to Use Olive Oil in Skin Care

We compile areas of usage and benefits of olive oil for skin care. I hope you follow these advices about skin care and benefit from it. By the way, be sure that you are using olive oil which is pure and original.

— Moisturizing Serum with Olive Oil

Before sleeping, clean your face and let it absorbed on your face by massaging and sleep in that way. When you wake up, you will feel softness and brightness on your face.

—Facial Tonic with Olive Oil

Add one spoon of vinegar and water into half tea glass of olive oil and mix them well. Before sleeping, apply it to your face.

— Eye Cream with Olive Oil

Olive oil avoids free radicals. So it removes swelling, tiredness and purpleness on custody. Before sleeping, rub olive oil around your under-eye and fine stripes by massaging. It helps a lot these problems as soon as possible.

— Cleaning Makeup with Olive Oil

You can use olive oil as a make-up remover by pouring olive oil on napkin or cotton. Not only does it clean your makeup but also let your face healthier.

— Skin Mask with Olive Oil

You can use olive oil as a skin mask. Mix one spoon of honey, one egg yolk, one spoon of olive oil and a bit sip of lemon in a bowl. And apply it your clean face. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes and clean your face. It tightens your face. The honey removes the acne problems on your face. And olive oil makes your skin softener. The lemon makes your skin shiny.

—Lip Scrub with Olive Oil

You can make lip cure with olive oil. For this, mix well one dessert spoon of brown sugar and one dessert spoon of olive oil in a bowl. You can apply it to your lips. Then massage slightly your lips with clean tooth brush. In that way, your lips will get rid of dead cells and have great lips!

— Face Scrub with Olive Oil

You can scrub your face with olive oil. Mix sea salt, unprocessed sugar, and olive oil. Then apply it to your face. So you get rid of dead cells.  At the same time, you have smooth and soft skin.

— Homemade Lip Balm with Olive Oil

Melt beeswax and mix it with olive oil. And then you can add scent that you want. After, you can apply it. With the help of this balm, your lips get soft.


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