Benefits Of Herbs Part – 4

Mammal in the baseline Şeritte
For Stomach Pisses
For force
– Drinking cold from the boiled water – Drinking from the boiled water.
– Drinking from boiling water – rubbing and rubbing.
– Cloudy is mixed with honey, eaten.
– It’s cloudy, eaten.
For force
For the strength of the lungs
In the stomach
Inside the stomach in the abdomen
Cough with shortness of breath
Urdu difficult
Etyar career
Dine in bloody stomach.
For Yarn Softness
Stripping my sputum
In the throat
In the swollen gums Kanda in the eye Cough
– You eat your beaten bales.
– Drinking the syrup of the red leaves – Drinking from the boiled water
– Putting your fur over
– Eat your boiled beans.
– Shoot her lap.
– eat from boiled
– Boiling and drinking,
– Drinking water from boiled seeds.
– Drinking water from boiled leaves.
– Blowing with the stalks.
– Drinking the boiled water with the navel of the wild,
– Driving from the boil in the olive oil of your leaf – Eating the jam of your leaves.
– Drinking your flower’s smoke like a cigarette.
– To drink like white tea.
– To hit the flower of your flower.
– Gargling with warm water boiled in your flower.
– To make the banyosun with the boiling water of the flower. – Drinking the boiling water of the flower,
the nerve
Eat between appetizers. Driving on the Blood Storm Sogukalmusa in the Bloody May.
Diarrhea in circulation
Blood is bleeding
in pang
– Boil the leaves and drink and make banyosunu
– Mix the dried seeds with the broth juice
– To hit the sweaty places.
– Swallowing the wax made from roasted seed. – Bathing the seed with water.
– A rusted cloth dipped in roasted nuts
– Mixing a little of the gum with vinegar. – Put a few of your gums there.
– Put a little on your gums.
– Mixing the gum in olive oil and shooting.
– Boil the gum in lemon juice
In the bottles on the berries
In the Intestine Kidney
Child’s Poor Eye Loss
– To put on top of the honey that is put on the ground – To boil and shoot in olive oil.
– Eat the dished seed with seizure. – Eat your boiled egg.
– Beat the seed and drink a piece.
– Drinking from boiling water.
– Cook for a while.
– Eat a piece of loose seed.
– Team up for food from the smothered seed. – Boil and eat and drink the water of the seed.
– Drinking syrup made from boiled water. – Putting your beaten up.
– Drinking from boiled water.
– Eat your boiled.
Sun in the eye
For force
For stomach
in Malaria
Tossing poisonous animals in her stomach.
Haircut for Amel
On the skin lily
Bee sting In the palm of your hand Basurda
in bronchitis
For force
in warts
in Malaria
– Eat from the seed.
– Mix the seed with olive oil and shoot.
– Driving with cotton in the water.
– Driving from the water.
– Hit the boiled.
– Dried from the melted oil on the sun by putting the case in spirit,
– Driving from the milk.
– Rinse your wet fresh dough.
– The man’s shells are like drinking tea,
– Dry the leaves of your fruit time and eat the honey. – Meal from pancakes or almonds.
– To sit on the floor by boiling your leaf in a closed place. – Drinking water from boiled leaves.
– Driving from the south.
– Eat the fruit in the circulation.
– Eat your salad.
– Boil your root and drink from the water.
Note: The idea is to eat all the fruit. He arranges the midi. It stops warming, it is beneficial to coughing coughs. Kidney trouble relieves.
Hazrat Muhammad, (if he should say the fruit of heaven, he is the inciver).
At the RISE – Mixing grapes with olive oil and vinegar.
Cold and cold
Blood in the mouth and throat
in toughness
Sugar in Obesity
– Boil and drink.
– Shoot her lap.
– Eat your boiled.
– Eat salad and boil. – Eat your boiled.
– Eat your boiled.
– Eat your boiled.

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