Benefits of Herbs Part -3


Hand scratching – Washing the hay’s ash, washing with ash water
For the discharge, the mammal is at the top.
Ayakter to
For meat To the sand To the stomach To the stomach Cough to soreness
For wound
For the discharge At the head of the Toothache For the Force
Bertikte Sola in the middle of the winter in May
For Blood in Stomach Disease
Stomach Patch Fluced Yelde to Milk
– Drinking from the boiled cold water of the root’s nubs. – Driving from the water coming out of the eggs.
– Drinking the water of the roots
– Drifting the wasted roots of water.
– Shoot her lap.
– Mix your roasted roots with tallow and drive. – To dry your fingers and sprinkle the powder.
– To shoot the root of your root.
– put the leaves between the fingers
– Drinking gum with strawberry and wax – Drinking oil for a while
– Eat it because the seed is crushed.
– Boil your spicy food
– Fry the seed and eat it.
– Drinking for a while.
– Putting your gum there
– Drinking in the mornings from boiled water of your Kobak – Washing your diplomas with boiled water in your foliage – Gargling with boiled water
– Mix and mix the flowers with honey
– Bathing with boiled water of card shells
– Shoot their lapas.
– Drinking boiled water.
– Bathing with boiling water of your thorny branches – Driving boiled water in its roots.
– Boil and cook fresh shoots
– eat roasted seizure with sugar. – eat the roasted fish with honey
– Mix and mix with the balm.
– Take the roasted powder.
– Hitting it up there
– boil and rub off with olive oil
Note; Çörekotu is more than just death. Calinos Physician “Karaçörek has a lot of usefulness, it kills the wool of the man, it kills the wolves, the age in the eye is good for the cough and the headache if it is smelled, the moles and the scabies are passed. It is good for its narrowness. Ed.
Muhiddini Arabi Fütuhat-ı Mekkiyesi, balla is mixed, if the body is sara illayine deva writes.
Sir’atül-Islam Page; 270.
Çörekotu benefits the body swelling and headache, which paralyzes with bread, and the observation of many other diseases.
The Tıbbünneb; Page – 47.
Stomach pain in stomach pain
Diarrhea for a bowel diarrhea
Abdominal swelling
For stomach
the hives
– Mix your flowers with honey and eat the morning.
– Drinking bitter water of wetted flowers.
– Drinking boiled water of flowers
– The meal from the Peltz – the peltin.
– Cooking from boiled.
– Put the olive oil on top of the Peltesini – eat from the jam
– Drinking in water.
In a nutshell
Ekzamada Kumda
Stone is falling
– Drinking from boiled water.
– Shoot the lobe of the leaf and wash it off with water – Drinking from the boiling water of the foliage.
– To drink a lot from the boiling water of the Akkökünün.
Sand in the stone, Shish, Scabies in the mouth
Bee sting
Scabbing in the throat
in mayasıl
in Nasser
For blood
the Burn
In bone disease Sand is dropping in stomach pain
– Drink a glass of boiled leaf. – Rubbing your skin from the ash water.
– Mixing the crown with water and driving.
– Putting the cut piece.
– Putting a tongue there.
– Put a cut piece on top
– Driving from the water.
– Split it in the middle and put it there.
– Putting the cut piece in there while lying down. – Drinking fruit or drinking juice.
– Driving a lot from the water.
– Drinking boiled water from boiled leaves. – Drinking the boiling water of your leaves
– Drinking the boiling water of your leaves
For stomach – eat boiled
– Drinking water from boiled leaves for a while.
Fever in the intestine weakness of the throat In the nasal obstruction In the nose blood Bronchitis
Nail sickness Gingivitis Faint disease
Earache Stomach pain
in Malaria
– To hit the lapas with olive oil. – Eat your boiled.
– Blowing her lap
– To keep it in your head.
– Burning the seed to the nose. – My flowers are boiling and drinking.
– Strokes cooked with their socks. – Gargling with boiled water
– To drink warm from the boiled water of the sprouts – To make the warm banyos of the boiled water. – Drinking the boiling water of your leaves. – Mixing her lapas
– Drinking from boiled water.

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