Benefits Of Herbs Part – 2


Menstruation delayed Kumu dropping in the stomach
– Drinking from boiled water
– Drinking water from boiling water. – Drinking cold from boiling water.
Sancada Şişmede
– Drinking from the boiled water – Hit the lap
the cALF
– Boil the seed in the mouth by boiling in the water
Cut, dent and bite – Mature red berries in olive oil, melting in the sun need to drive.
To the victim – to do the evacuation of the fire or the fire Memolibasurda – to make the fire of the fire
To dental
The small white wolves appeared in the water in the cabin placed underneath).
Get mixed up in body odors. They say oil in the face and tooth spit).
in Buruntu
Crazy in the chest
– A coffee spoon in your meals, olive oil (crushed 1/10)
– Putting flowers in olive oil. (This lily
– Chewing your fang in your mouth and swallowing the water.
– Drink morning with a red cantron
– Drinking like a cigarette
– Drinking boiling water from your branches
– Drinking in the morning from the water soaked in the evening
Note; Bodurota, Bozcaot, Mayasay otu, Kısamahmut; Bozboltur also says the grass. The red and white flowers are called Bodurmahmut, bozca and yellow flowers are called Kısacamahmut.
For sputum
In dazzle
In the ass on the shoulder
– Drinking like a cigarette.
– incense with seeds
– Drinking boiled water
– Shoot the seed pill
– Washing with boiling cold water
In the Stream
In the foot flask
Eye weakness In case of chills
in Diarrhea
Mankafada for blood pressure
– Drinking cold water of your sprouts. – Drinking from boiling water,
– eat grapes
– Drinking from boiled water with root onion skin – Drinking grapes or drinking water
– Drinking boiled water at your roots.
– Drinking from the boiled red water of the root
– Drinking your syrup
– Leaving leaves in olive oil
Bladder stone is poured in Sugar in Tansiyonda Burn
Bertik and aborted
Justice at the Party
In the head, in the nose For the strength in the stomach
Sidik Must Have CITMADA
Stopping my sputum
On the hygiene of the teeth cleaning on the chest imprisonment For the force
For force
For force
For force
Sugar). On a cold roll
the fuel
– Drinking cold from the boiling water of the root – Melting the grapes in the spirit.
– Drinking boiled cold water from your roots – Drinking boiled water from your sprouts.
– Driving the crown of your leaves
– Shoot her lap.
– Smoke and drink a little
– Mixed with vinegar and hit the lapasını – Hit the lapasının
– Roasted, beaten to eat
– Drinking the boiled water of your leaves
– Boil your shell and burn it like henna.
– Bathing with boiled water of your leaves. – rub their softened leaves with their teeth
– eat freshly made dessert
– Drinking boiled water from your leaves.
– To drink cold from boiling water of leaves – to swallow a few days from fresh fruit.
– Drinking lots of leaves from boiling water
– Drink plenty of boiled water. – Drinking wet water from your sprouts
– riding the tar and putting salt on it.
– Mixing tar and lime.
– Driving from coal
– Drinking the smoked peanuts.
– Drinking the peanut oil.
– Drinking boiled water from your sprouts
– Eat fresh cocoa.
– Peanut; Eat the sweet and sour molasses.
– Lightly roasted peanuts
– Rinse the wax with the gum – Drink the boiled water of the croissant.
Note; There are more than three million pine trees in Bergama (Kozak) plateau. The most exquisite pine nuts are out of here.
The bounty of these trees is given the following names;
While Kobak was – Kozak; When opened – Steel, on the fingernails of the trunk – Kıpçık; When peanuts are crusted – Küner moves to the shells when broken; They call it peanuts.
A three-year treasure is seen in the trees. The first is hazelnut, the second is walnut, and the third is the punch.

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