Benefits Of Herbs Part – 1


Abdominal and throat swollen
Temporal in the midst of abdominal pain
Keller in dropping sand
To break down with. To live in May in May.
Cough in breathlessness
In Assault
In the eyes
To get rid of you
– Boiling and drinking like tea.
– Mix the flour with vinegar and mint on top.
– Drinking water by boiling
– burning up
– To boil a lot of seeds and drink.
– Boil and rub the tarp in the snake’s shirt and vinegar in the morning
– Put the tarp on a sheet and put it there.
– On top of the tar (until the smell in the mouth is heard)
– Droplet the tar.
– Swallowing from the red seed.
– Boil the seed and drink.
– Eat your cat with pills with flour
– To enter the banyos by boiling with the seeds of the brothers.
– Putting the running water in the water. – Putting your foil on you.
– Drinking from the vine water
Death in headache
Joint pain in pain
in Malaria
– Pulling it off like a snuff.
– Swallow a half a pound of chickpeas.
– Driving.
– Drinking from cold water by boiling, – Swallowing half a pound of chickpeas.
– Do not drink in the cold (overnight in the water).
Itching in the blood of the Kadmahtapotunda
It’s called force. ”
Mammal outbreak in May Mammal outbreak in stomach pain
– To drink boiled water with pine bark of leaves.
– Drinking boiled water of your leaves cold.
– Destroy your foliage with boiling water.
“Yellow flowers are eaten with honey in the morning.” Anber is on the force,
– Swallowing from dry leaves of pills made with barley flour. – To sit on your leaves.
– Boil your fingers and drink.
– Drinking from boiled water
– Drinking from the water of your flowers.
Bee stings Burnts in Burst
In the Albom,
– Fill the seed with the leaf and connect it there.
– Boil the purple flowers with the dandelion and make the house. – Eat from the seeds.
– Drinking from the water of the highly boiled seed.
– Boil your roots with barley and corn tassels and drink cold – Boil your roots and drink.
Cough in stomach pain
In the headache
Death at waist loose
Mammal outbreak for stomach Cough for cough
In a heartbeat
Cough for strength in the mouth ache
– Boil your flowers and drink. – Drinking and drinking like tea
– Smell on an empty stomach
– Cook and cook.
– Fresh sprouts drinking boiled water.
– Drinking water from the leaves of a lot of boiled – Cooking and cooking in the culinary.
– Drinking boiled water from flowers.
– Boil the leaves and drink
– Drinking boiled water from flowers
– Flatter and eat honey
– It’s defeated.
– Drinking gum’s boiled water.
Note: Almonds give freshness and coolness. Eating balla increases the incontinence. Strengthens the dimension. Teshilül menafesi. Page – 102.
Putting on kids. Dehydration in Degradation
Put it there in ear ache. in maraz
In the Stream
Chicken in the stomach to lower the sand in the liver
Eye weakness
– seed the seeds on top of cooked onion
– Eat from the loose seed.
– Drinking water from your boiled foil.
– The water from the other end of the fresh branch,
– Drinking the seeds of the sunflower seeds.
– Drinking well-boiled seed water
– Eat your leaves to boil.
– Drinking the water of boiled flowers
– Boil your flowers with a corn tassel.
– Drinking honey with a chicory of flowers to drink. – eat leaves for a while

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