Benefits of avocado oil: It is reach for protein, vitamin and oil acids so it is good for aged, dried and sensitive skins. It prevents getting dried of the skin and beneficial for damaged skin.

Benefits of wheat oil:It contains A,B,Cand E vitamins. Tightens the skin and helps to eliminate wrinkles.

Benefits of pumpkinseed oil: Makes the skin smoother, softer and delays  aging.

Benefits of sunflower seed oil: It is not only basic oil but also contains volatile oil acid. It contains vitamin E and reduces rash and infection.

Benefits of walnut oil:It nurtures the skin,makes cool, makes relaxed and shows protective effect against to infection.

Benefits of primrose: It reinforces immunity system and support skin diseases treatment such as eczema by the volatile oil acids that it contains.

Benefits of nut oil: It can be absorbed very well by the skin, nurtures the skin and it is good for both mental and physical fatigue.

Benefits of coconut oil: It is added to sun lotions as protector from harmful solar rays. It makes the skin cooler and relaxed, nurtures the skin and protects from skin infections.

Benefits of jojoba oil: It is derived from mexica-based tree’s fruits seeds and it has fluid feature. It is rich for vitamin and mineral so it is used for acne and dandruffs.

Benefits of soya oil: Soya oil can be absorbed easily by the skin and it is preferred due to being rich for vitamin A and E.

Benefits of sesame oil: It is quite light, clear and golden yellow. It is rich for vitamin A,E and proteins. It nurtures the skin and protects from harmful solar rays.

Benefits of apricot oil: It contains vitamin A and good for dried and aged skin care.

Benefits of sweet almond oil: It is derived from                   bitter and sweet almond mix or only sweet almond oil. It can be absorbed easily by the skin, quite fluid and whiffed. It is rich for vitamin D and it is good for hair care,dired skin, fragile nails, damaged skin and roughness in skin.

Benefits of olive oil: It is derived from full grown oils first press. It has strong oil smelling and clear colour. It is rich for vitamin E and quality olive oil is classic cosmetic supplement. It effects to skin deeply and makes it more beautiful. It contributes to renewing of the skin and if it is mixed with aromatic oils it gets fragrance.

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