Argan Oil and Argan Oil Cream

Argan Oil and Argan Oil Cream

Argan Oil is derived by Argan Tree. Argan Tree, which is grew only in southeast part of Morocco, can grow up to 10 meters and lives almost 150-200 years. Argan Tree has small and yellow flowers and it is called as Moroccan olive tree. Argan Oil is derived from the fruit which has scutcheon. Unless it’s inside is soft, it’s outside is extremely rough.The fruits starts to fall from the tree in June and July and ripens in May. Due to Argan tree has big spikes, to collect it’s fruits is quite hard. It grows in barrens more often and it takes root up to deep part of the soil and it is the one of the most important issue that prevents erosion. However Argan Tree was put into protection by UNESCO, it started to become extinct.


Argan Oil includes alfa, gama and beta. Beside thati it is also used prevalently for skin and hair protection.


Argan Oil’s Benefits to Skin: It helps to skin refreshing. It helps to prevent wrinkles in face by it’s anti aging effect. It ensures cells renewing on the skin and prevents under eye bags revealing.

The another feature of Argan oil is to moisten the skin. It moistens and makes the skin softer. By including intensive E vitamin, it makes the skin brigther. Argon oil is oilless and doesn’t give a damage to skin.

In all body it can be used, even in face and neck. After dripping one or two drops, it is performed as massaging to skin.

Makes your skin microbeless:Argan oil helps to clean microbes from your skin. With it’s antioxident feature, it preserves your face from early wearing and doesn’t allow the face get aged earlier. Cleans wrinkles and gives a healthy view to your face.

Argan Oil for dry skins: The people who has dry skin, starts to live problems in it’s skin when the winter comes, the weather becomes colder and heaters are used. When the skin get dryer, it may cause to itching and affusion in sking. This problem can be solved by the Argan Oil by including intensiv E vitamin. Also it can repair the damaged parts of the skin. Drip only some Argan oil drops and aplly it as massging to your skin.

Argan Oil
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Argan oil can eliminate acnes: On the contrary they have to eliminate, oil or creams may cause to arising or increasing the acnes in your face. But it is clear that Argan oil may play a serious role to make your skin healthier then ever. Because Argan oil moistens your skin and it helps to make your skin better. Beside that, it also help to repairing damaged cells and eliminate all undesirable situations.


Dripping some drops of Argan oil will help you to eliminate all troubles. Drip some and apply it slowly to your skin by massaging and repeat it two times per day.

Argan Oil is protector: Not only Argan oil is used to eliminate skin troubles with it’s antioxidant  feature but also preserving the skin. At that point, it is an important product.


Argan Oil as Hair Cream: Argan makes your hair softer and gives a silky brigthness. It is alternative treatment way to repair damaged hairs and an ideal hair cream for curly hairs.

Beside that it makes your hair looking classy and healthy. Due to blowing dry oftenly, som troubles may ocur. If your drip some argan oil in that process, it may eliminate all troubles than can be happen.

Argan Oil in pregnancy period: Cracks in skin pose a problem for pregnants. Argan oil offers you solutions for stres fractures, wrickles and droopy body parts. Argan oil increases flexibilty of skin by including intensive Vitamin E. Argan oil is best way to  to makethe skin softer and getting a healthier looking in pregnancy period.


Foot and Hand Care with Argan Oil: Argan oil’s softener feature eliminate dry hands and cracks in foots and fragility of nails. Makes your foot and hand softier and more flexibgle. To acquire that benefits of Argan Oil, drip some drops to your nails, foots and hands every nigth and apply it to your skin by massaging. It will be natural solution way for you.

Argan Oil as lip moisturizer: Especially in dry and cold wheathers, you may live chapping of lips. Argan oil keeps your lips softier, flexible and plump. The only thing that you have to do is drip some drops to your lips and apply it.  But there is one issue that you have to care is, cleaning the ruins 1-2 minutes later after using these cream.

argan soap
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Benefits of Argan Soap:

We wrote Argan soap is commonly used for skin and hair health and we defined that the intensive vitamine E is playing a key role.

  • Argan soap unbeliavable contributes to your skin by including sulphur. Besidethat, not only preserving your skin from harmful UV ligths but also helps to skin cleanliness
  • The another benefit of Argan Soap is figthing off the infection. It is the rigth choice to eliminate the damage of bacterias and microbes
  • Argan oil beside eliminating microbes, has preserving skin cell feature
  • Argan oilis a way to treat pimples and eliminating acnes

Harms of Argan oil: However Argan Oil and Argan Soap came to be known, It is used in lots of countries since old ages as a cure of skin and hair. Until now, any problem is recorded as it is harmful for human health.

Though if the patiences are taking drugs or lazer treatment, we advise to consult to your doctor



It is clear that Argan oil has lots of benefits to skin and hair. Because of this we can easily say it is a natural treatment. Also it we can say something for it’s effects to lots of skin diseases and if we make comparison it is cheaper and healthier then others if you use it regularly. After all definition about Argan Oil, we strongly do not suggest to take it by mouth.

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