Beneficial Herbs For Sexual Anorexia



Some causes of sexual anorexia are like that:

If women have sex with their couples when they do not want to do, their willingness start to reduce by the time.       They take a dislike to sex. In similar situations, men should be sympathetic

Business life and being tired when women arrive to home, effects sexual life negatively. Tired women want to get relaxed and sleep firstly. In this case, sexual activity being postponed.

Pregnancy scare also effects-sexual life negatively. If the woman has pregnancy scare, becomes reluctant to sex

Dose of clapscare is one of negative cause for women. The risk of doseof clap, makes women reluctant to sex


As the people get older,their sexual willingness show decreasing by the years. Balance of hormons change and they start to fell low intention to have sex with other people.

Some kind of drugs also effects sexual life negatively. Some drugs make hormon balance upside down and it may causeto being reluctant to sex.

Communication problems and routine lifes are also problem for reluctance


Causes lack of sexual drive for men

Men unwillingness or impotence situation is seen with less frequency than women. Some of men unwillingness causes areas below:


Men likes to see their couples as well-groomed and smelling attractive. If their couples don’t care to theirselves, men may can’t feel sexual willingness. Dressing well or smelling beautiful may turn men on.

Being busy with job or spending time on phone, computer or other technological devices may cause to being reluctant to sex. Spending time in front of television or computer can be overdose unconsciously.

Getting older may effects negatively men like how it effects women

Hormonal problems by some causes may effects to sexuality

Psychological problems or depressionmay decrease sexual willingness like in women

To do not have or being away from sex for long time may decrease willingness negatively by the time



Cucumber is one of  fanciable and beneficial vegetable for body

Consume apricot as fresh fruit or dry, it is fanciable.If you are in it’s season, you can eat fresh apricot but if your are not, you can find it in markets easily and lovely consume it.

Kiwi isoneof fanciable and willingness increaser fruit.

Most of the women like chocolate. Also there are some women who complain about eating it constantly and as overdose. In fact, chocolate increases willingness and provides yearning

Pekmez,is consumed highly in winter, is caunted as one of fanciable food

Stinger can increase willingness. Stinger tea both saves you from lots of diseases and makespositive effectson your sexual life.

Grape, makes women toast women up to have sex

Apple can be found easily in every home and also it saves you from lots of diseases and makes positive effects to your sexual life.

Cinnamon is one of herb with aphrodisiac effect. For example, you can increase your willingness easily as drinking cinnamon-apple tea.

Clove is existed in lots  of houses and it has aphrodisiac effect.You can use it as adding to some teas.

Sage provides resistance to lots of diseases and effects positively to your sexual life.

If the women drink camomile tea, it helps to livesexual activity.



However men don’t like to eat parsley, it is both beneficial and fanciable herb.

Garden rocket is found in bazaar in winter and also it has aphrodisiac effect on body

Cranberry is excellent herb for men who wants to have regular sexual life beside being beneficial to body

Ginger can be consumed as tea and it increases willingness

However avocado is not consumed by lots of people, it increases willingness

Walnut is known as aphrodisiac and they are right

Fig, helps to increase willingness by being consumed as fresh or dried

Garlicand onion are known as important antibioticand also the increase willingness

Winter’s indispensible vegetable celery helps to get aphrodisiac effect on body

Pomegrenadeis also one of aphrodisiac for body

Banana is one of aphrodisiac

Almondis known as aphrodisiac by people and they are right to know it like that

Pepperis also aphrodisiac for your body

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