Beauty is indispensable for women in almost every culture and statue. Beauty parlours are second home for women. However there is a miracle for the women who have not got enough money and time, as well. Even these secrets are low-cost in home.

All types of care including skin, hair, body, manicure, pedicure or epilation are indispensable special treatments for women.

Here are some suggestions which can be done with the help of herbs in home.


1) Brush: Before having a shower, brush your body to decrease cellulite tubers and to accelerate blood circulation.

2) Have fun while having a shower: Relax in a warm bathtub enriched with bath oil and soften your skin.

3) Smooth you skin: Rub your knees, heel of the foot and elbows after leaving the bathtub.

4) Moisturize your body: Massage beyond reach areas like ankle with moisturizing cream.

5) Foot care is important: Rub deeply from the heel of foot to your toes with fruit acidic cream and then put on cotton socks. It will help to make pedicure permanent and your feet soften.


  • Clean your face: Massage your skin long and upwards with cleansing milk and rinse your face.
  • Prompt blood circulation: Pour aromatherapy essence into warm water and mix it. Apply this mixture to your face with the help of a cloth. Press your face 4 or 5 times with a cloth. So you prompt the circulation.
  • Peel: Peeling which you use regularly lights up your skin and regulates your skin for the treatment which you apply. Apply a gentle pressure by making circular motion with the peeling product and massage. Do not forget your neck. Then clean your face with water.
  • Revive your skin with a mask: An important part of the face cleanliness is the mask. Especially, clay-based products help to light up your skin by revealing your pore whereas water-based moisturizes your skin.
  • Let you skin calm: After these treatments, oil and intensive care creams help to soften your skin.



  • Pick up the right colour: Your hair colour should be at last more than two tons wide from your natural hair colour.
  • Be ready: Cover your shoulders and your bath with old towels to protect them from stains.
  • Protect your skin: Dab vaseline on hair roots and surrounds of your ears.
  • Divide and apply: Try to divide your hair equally so it is good. Keep your hair up and away from your face.
  • Creams: Rinse your hair and apply polish which is given with hair dye. It lights up hair and the creams are ideal ones.


  • Apply a washcloth to your skin: Rub your skin with a brush to avoid stains before using a tanning product.
  • Let the cream penetrate your skin: If you do not do this, your moisturizing cream’s effect will be subtle.
  • Mix the tanning lotion: Apply it your skin deeply.
  • Stop the stairs: Use a wet cloth to clean the rest of the otobronzan from your feet and toes.
  • Moisturize your skin: Use moisturizing cream to protect bronze colour every day.

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