Apricot Kernel Oil Cream

Apricot Cream

What is Apricot Kernel Oil Cream?

APRICOT KERNEL CREAM :  An apricot kernel cream includes an apricot kernel oil which is abundant in terms of A,E and F vitamins. It might be used in thin and sensitive parts of the body,such as eye circles,breast tissues and lips.Strengthening skin barrier lipids,it also helps oily substances on the skin surface get loosen.It nourishes the skin and keeps it humid. It is influential on making eye wrinkles and skin care disappear.

It allows brain to work regularly,repairs destoreyed liver,prevents anemia and ulcer,incereases sexual potency,protects against cancer and also prevents hair loss.So,an apricot has lots of benefits.We cannot mention about all of them here.


What are Benefits of   Apricot Kernel Cream?

It prevents hair loss!

It is known that apricot soap which is made out  of apricot kernel oil and olive oil and “pakdefne soap” ,which is made out of olive oil have a great influence on hair loss and bran.Beside skin and hair care,apricot kernel oil,olive oil and clay soap also keep skin clear,nourished,stretched through the mineral salts it includes such as silica,iron,magnesium,potassium,sodium.

Apricot cream, a product obtained from a dried apricot kernel,is noted as a natural cream that can be used by all age groups and applied to all parts of the face.This cream that contains intense amounts of A vitamins moisturizes the skin and reduces the wrinkles that occur in later ages,so it is also considered as an anti-aging skin care cream.

Apricot is a product which is not recommended to be put on when going out on hot days gives a pleasant result when applied to a clean skin while sleeping in the evening.When the apricot kernels are crushed under high pressure without seeing any hot process, the vital vitamins they contain are not eliminated. This cream, which gives the skin a natural vitality and shine, is made by combining with different vegetable oils, the formulas provide protection and renewal of the skin.

Apricot Kernel Cream

Apricot cream, which is easily absorbed by the skin, also increases the elasticity of the skin and also has a tightening effect.This cream,when used alone, that makes drying effect on acne and can be used for facial cleansing is ideal in terms of fatty acid ratio and its rich content has various positive effects on the skin.

Apricot cream has also a regulative effect on oily skin while keeping those having dry skin from early aging.

How to Use   Apricot Kernel Cream?

Apricot cream should be applied twice a week to these areas to be effective on subtle wrinkles occurring especially after 35 years of age. Once again, let’s not forget that you should not go out to the sun after applying the cream,which has so many benefits at nights. Once a week you can apply apricot cream to your cellulite areas,and feel free to use it for lips and eye circles.

It also contributes to the renewal of dead cells,thanks to its powerful anti oxidant effect. Because of its tightening effect on the skin, it removes the sagging and wrinkles in the face and nourishes the skin and give a refreshed brilliant apperance.


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