Aloe Vera Mask for all type of skin


Aloevera is beneficial herb. For long years, it is used in skin wound treatments.

  • Burnts
  • Ulcer
  • Wrickles
  • Acnes

This intense herb is rich in nutriotion and it is used for skin care.  Today, we will share with you aloe vera masks that you can use according to your skin type.


For dry skins

Aloe vera is  ideal formula. You can easily prepare both effective and cheap care for your skin. Beside that you don’t have any obligation to use any chemical products. By it’s moisturizing feature, it is an excellent treatment way that you can prepare at home. It eliminates dryness of the skin and makes your skin smoothly like silk.


Aloevera and Coconut oil

When your skin gets dry, you need moisturizing reinforcement. It helps you to preventaging symptoms that happen by the time.

Of course, Aloe vera and coconut oil masks are the best solution s for that!

Bill of material

1 leave aloe vera

Half cup of coconut oil


How to prepare

  • First of all take aloe vera leave and cut it from one side to another side
  • Then take transparent gel to out
  • Put the gelto clean plate and add coconutoil
  • Mix them up till they get smooth looking
  • Washyour face and neck. Then apply it before go to bed
  • For the best results keep them in your face. Clean it when you wake up

Yogurt, fresh cucumber and aloe vera

Doyou want to fightwith your dry skin problems but you don’t like coconut oil tissue? At that moment, you must try second option of aloe vera mask.

You will see that your skin gathers moisture without feeling any heaviness.


Bill of material

4 table spoons of pure aloe vera gel

2 table spoons of yogurt

6table spoons of fresh cucumber juice


How to prepare

Mix all materials up in aplate

Than apply it to your face

Wait for 15-20 minutes

Wash your face with warm water


For oily skin

Having constant brightness in the skin is a problem oily skin. The people who has that type ofskin knows how hard to make make up or repairing the skin.

Also, oily skin is prone to pimples.

But this natural face mask can help you!

Egg, Honey, Barley and aloevera

It is an extremely effective mask. It balances oil of the skin without drying.


1 egg

1 aloe vera leave’sgel

1 dessert spoon honey

2 table spoons barley flour


How to do it?

Firstly, mix all materials up till getting texture paste

Apply it to your facewith brush

Wash your face with warm water after it gets dry

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