34 Foods good for Cancer


Apple: It contains highly quercetin. It is extremely effective on cancer treatment, fighting with cancer, allergy and heart and vein diseases. 2 apples should be consumed with coats per day.


Pomegranade: Last studies showed that, pomegranade makes a treatment solution in rats which are performed carcinogen. By the materials that it include, it balances cholosterol and sugar.


Black Grape: According tol ast 10 years studies, black grape has a cancer preventing feature and also saving from heart, vein diseases.


Cranberry: It kills cancer cells with eliagic acid. Cranberry leaves are extremel beneficial and they can be consumed as tea.


Cranberry: By making the enzymas active which can protects the body from cancer, it lessens the risk of cancer. Also, by reducing the cholesterol rate in blood, it protects one from heart attack


Cherry: It consists plenty of flavon which is beneficial. It prevents cancer and the progression of it. Especially it is effective in breast, skin, lung, liver cancer types.


Watermelon: It is rich of A and C vitamins. The beneficals substances of it protects the body from cancer and cleanses the body from toxic meterials.

Radish: It lessens the risk of lung cancer, protects from breast cancer.Take plenty of radish radish salads.

Red Pepper: It is a full storehouse of C vitamin. C vitamin prevents cancer cells to grow and protects the immune system from harmful meterials.

Broccoli: It is rich of C vitamin, betacarotene, fibre and calcium. It consists of cancer preventing substances. Especially, it protects from intestine, bladder and breast cancer. Broccoli reserves most of its meterial only when eaten raw. But do not consume raw broccoli more than twice a week. Because it may cause thyroid deficiency.

Tomato: Especially, eating it mildly cooked protects 40 percent from prostate problems. The lycopene in tomato prevents from lung, colon and breast cancer.

Garlic: It stops the spread of cancer. It consists cancer fighting substances like selenium and tryptophane. It protects from both the rish of getting cancer and used in cancer treatments. According to the researches on animals, garlic prevents forming of the tumours in stomach, breast, interstine, esophagus, prostate and skin cancer, and the spread of them. 2 – 3 piece of raw garlic and 1 – 2 handful of dried fruits&nuts must be consumed everyday.


Carrot:  Drinking 2 glasses of carrot juice protects by 20 percent from prostate cancer. It consists of betacarotane which is so benefical. Betacarotena has the effect of protecting from mouth, alimentary canal and stomach cancer.

Pineapple:  The bromelain in pineapple stops tumour cell progression directly. Especially it prevents the growing of tumour cells in lung, intestine, ovary and skin cancer.

Sunflower Seed: It is rich of zinc and selenium. Zinc provides absorbation of C vitamin and expedite its curative effect.

Fish:  Choose the fish which are rich of Omega 3, consuming fish which are rich of Omega 3 oil acids like salmon, mackerel, sardine, haddock protects from cancer. Fish, prevents the spread of breast cancer, it prevents the growing of intestine, pancreas and prostate cancer. It also protects from heart attack.

Walnut: Because it consists of omega 3 oil acids, it protects from cancer. Also it is good for heart-vein diseases. Eat a handful of walnuts a day.

Love-in-a-mist(Nigella): To boost your immune system, eat one full spoon of nigella a day. It helps to increase the number of “natural killer” cells which are fight with germs and tumours cells.To show its beneficial effects, it should be consumed after being triturated.

Hazelnut: It is rich of E vitamin which protects from heart attack. Handful of hazelnuts a day is a great protector against cancer and wrinkle. It has saturated fats which means it is healthy.It will protect from heart disease by balancing the rate of cholesterol.Specieses like walnut has ellagic acid that makes cancer cells to destroy themselves by starting a process named apoptosis. It consists of E vitamin which has an important role in protecting body from cancer and heart disease.It is greatly beneficial to eat a handful hazelnut a day.

Fig: It consists of potassium, iron and calcium, and helps to digestive system. It also protects  from cancer.

Spinach: It protects from cancer, heart disease and hypertension.

Pumpkin Seed: It is rich of E vitamin, prevents cancer cells to grow and protect immune system from harmful substances.


Apricot: By destroying the effects of harmful molecules, it prevents cancer. Because of its fibre form, it is also a good protector for intestines.

Flaxseed:It protects from cancer by improving the immune system. Especially it protects from intestine cancer. It should be consumed after being triturated.

Cummin: it produces Limonen which will protect the body from cancer.

Legume: It is too important to consume legume twice in a week. Lentils, chickpeas, dried beans are good source for protein and fibre.They consist of anti-carcinogenic substances which will prevent progression of cancer.It also helps to blood circulation.

Cabbage:  It has beneficial effects on breast and uterine cancer. It also helps to cleanse body from toxic substances. It consists of carotene which prevents growing of cancer cells. It lowers blood sugar.

Rice: It is rich of E and B vitamins. Protects from intestine cancer, lowers cholesterol and reduces  the risk of heart attack.

Peach: It is rich of betacarotene which protects from cancer and heart attack. A peach in a day satisfies 50 percent of needs for vitamin C.

Onion: Improves immune system. Because of the allicin and sulphur, it protects from stomach and intestine  cancer.

Green Tea: After consuming 2 cup of green tea, cancer fighting cells in it will pass to the blood and prevent any tumours cells from growing.

Yogurt:  It is important to consume half kilogram yogurt in a day. Homemade probiotic yogurts consist lots of friendly bacteria for body. It is the secret of long life. It especially protects from colon, stomach, lung and breast cancer. It also reduces the risk of fibrocystic breast disease.

Turmeric:  It gives the characteristic dark yellow color and taste to curry. Also it is best among all curative foods that good against cancer. Oberved that it will prevent carcinogenic cells from growing and spreading in lung, colon, liver, stomach, breast, ovarian, brain, leukemia and lots of cancer types and makes them killing itself.

Olive Oil: It keeps the rate of cholesterol in blood in balance. It is rich of E vitamin which is an antioxidant. It has protective effect against heart attack, cancer and premature aging.

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