3-Day Green Apple Detox

3-Day Green Apple Detox

With this detox recipe, you can easily and quickly lose weight and get rid of oedema by paying attention to what you eat at lunch or dinner, preferring a liquid mixture instead of a normal meal.

Hello again! I’m here with another one of my weight loss recipes. As you know, my detox recipes are very popular. This detox is done for 3 days with green apples. The ingredients of the recipe are ingredients that can be found in almost any household.

My favorite aspects of detox recipes are that they reduce oedema in the body, help accelerate metabolism, re-switch to fat burning during weight loss periods, and feels full. Green apple detox that you will apply for 3 days is one of them. With this detox recipe, you can easily and quickly lose weight and get rid of oedema in the body by choosing a liquid mixture instead of a normal meal for lunch or dinner and paying attention to what you eat at other meals. So, what will you need for a 3-day green apple detox?


• 2 cups of brewed green tea (has metabolism accelerating effect)

• 1 medium banana (provides a longer feeling of fullness)

• 1 medium green apple (contains a lower rate of sugar than many other fruits and has a metabolism accelerator feature)

Ginger in the size of 1-2 nuts (increases body temperature, strengthens the immune system, protects the stomach and accelerates metabolism)

• 1 bowl of parsley (eliminates excess water in the body)

• 1 medium pear (makes you feel full longer)

How to Prepare?

• Chop the apple, pear, and ginger in small pieces.

• Finely chop the parsley.

• Combine ingredients in smoothie machine.

• Add chopped pears and apples and start the machine.

Green Apple Detox

How to Drink Detox?

The ingredients given for the mixture you will prepare may be equal to 2 cups. If you wish, you can also consume it by putting it in the bowl. As the amount seems to be high, it will get you feel full enough. If you want to increase the volume, you can increase the amount of green tea. The detox drink should be consumed in a single meal during the day. Other meals should be made with normal food. Leaving the mixture a little lumpy instead of pulling it too much as you go through the smoothie machine will make you feel more full. If you’re uncomfortable with it being lumpy, you can try straining it before you drink it.

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