19 Suggestions for smooth skin


1-The mask with peeling effect that, eliminates death cells and makes deeply cleaning

2- Wash your face with pressurized water. That type of shower, reduces your office caused skin stress

3 Vitamin C we can encounter with skincare products, increases your blood stream and collagen production and because of this, prefer it.


4- Your tiptoes sends signals to your face. The probable wrickles in you forehead can be prevented as pushing regularly to upper side of toes.


5- Moisten your face. Lots of up and coming moistener products has day long effect. Proeint and herbal essence products makes your skin active and provides getting a protector layer.


6- Perform 5 minute massage with cream twice in a week. To do it, use your finger with rotational movements and make massage from chin to cheeks, from forehead to outside, from nose to forehead. Rub your mouth and it’s environment upwardly.


7- Don’t neglect tohave beauty sleep before 1 a.m. Our body produces growth hormone especially in first sleeping hours. These hormons stimulates cell renewal.


8- Do you know the benefits of cream’s enzymas? Small protein molecules that produced as imitating with bio technologic methods, can make stronger skin protector cells as making circulation system active when the human gets older.


9- Smell compresses makes skin and senses livelier. Put 4 drops of lemon and cypress tree essence and 2 drops cade oil into the 4 liter boiling water. Submerge your face towel into the water and put to your face.


10 Creams that includes Vitamin E reduce cells stress. Free radical attacker cells that consisted of ultraviolet lights, exhaust gas and nicotin, cause to early aging of skin.Vitamin E protects the skin from these kind of harmful factors.


11- You should make some gymnasticto makeyour cheek skin. To start this application, close your mouth, take your cheeks in and stretch it slowly as using your hands.


12  Potato massage refreshes your skin and rests it. Especially wait raw potato slices in refrigator for 10 minutes. After making skin cleaning, make massage with cold potato slices. Wait 15 minutes till potato andwater effectsto your face. After that, wash your face.


13- For dry and soft skin, apply to AHA complexes. Fruit acids known as this name, helps you to refresh skin cells and doesn’t irritate your face. Also it includes nutritive  oils.


14- What about to prepare a drink to trigger colagen layer? For this, put 250gr tomato, 2 half lemon without coat, 2 peach and 1 carrot into the fruit press, add 1 drop olive oil and some iodine salt, than mix them.


15- “Shikaku” Press is probably a word stranger to us. This easy exercise helps us to make face muscles softer. Energy center that pressure which is talked about is in same line with pupil and above under-eye bones. Push it there minimum for 5 seconds.


16- However beauty capsule doesn’t feed the skin entirely, it performs its task as a cell which works as subcellar. You can provide skin flexibility with vitamins, moisturizers and natural masks.


17- Oxygen mask works as a type of express lifting. With this application, oxygen uptake becomes faster in 10 minutes. As a result, the skin gets as faras fresh and healthy looking.


18- Liposome masks are nutritive. At the sametime, as it effects tosub layer of theskin, it can show its effects in long term.


19 Orange light revives the cells, increases blue oxygen uptaking, purifies yellow skin from dead cell sand it is effect to green cuprous. You can find coloured light treatment only in beauty centers.

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