10 – Incredible Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Solution

10 - Incredible Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Solution

1-  Antiaging coconut treatment to reduce facial lines and wrickles

Young women shouldn’t be late to take precaustions to prevent facial lines and wrickles. For this precautions, natural treatments with coconut comes first. But avoid to use milk in can. To prepare this cure, grate 1 plate coconut and add milk. After that apply it to your face for 10 minutes then wash your face


2- Avocado to prevent hairlines and wrickles

Avocado is effective to increase brightness of the skin  and prevent hairlines and wrickles. Grate the avocado till it becomes mushy, apply it your face for 10-12 minutes as pasty. Then wash it with warm water. The another way to use it is keeping cooled avocados in deep freezer and then applying it to skin as massaging.

Alternatively, if you can’t buy avocado, you can replace it with potato.


3- Castor oil to reduces facial lines and wrickles

To keep your skin fresh and making it softer, you can use castor oil. If your skin is dry, drip some drops to your skin and apply it as massaging. It is has big effects to reduce facial lines and wrickles and keeping the dry skins moist.


4- Pure Honey Treatment for anti aging supraorbital care

If you spend at least 5-8 hours in a day and if it makes your supraorbital dry, dull, tired and dark, we recommend to make pure honey mask. For skin care, before ging to bed apply honey to your superorbital as massaging. Also, if your face has the same problem, you can apply it to your whole face.


5- Lemon care to reduce and prevent age spots

Lemon has a feature like whiting the skin if it is used regularly. To prevent age spots and reducing it’s stains, you can do miracles. Squeeze the lemon only 2-3 drops and apply it where stains and age spots exist.


6- Sugar Cane Juice to reduce facial lines and wrickles

You can find sugar cane juıice only in summer. If you mix sugar cane juice with curcuma powder, you definitely find excellent solutions to reduce facial line and wrickle. Make it pasty and apply to neck for 6-10 minutes. After that apply ice to your face and rinse your face with cold water.


7- to reduces first signals of aging in the beginning of thirty something

İf you are in your thirty somethings, aging problems begin to appear. Buy some ananas, slice and apply it to your face for 5 minutes. After 10 minutes wash your face. Ananas is good for reduce the first siignals of aging.


8- Sandalwood oil,Geranium oil, rose oil, jasmine oil, neroli and Frankincense oil mix for natural cure against wrickles.

Wrickles can be reduced more with volatile oils mix. Drip 5 drops from Sandalwood oil,Geranium oil, rose oil, jasmine oil, neroli and Frankincense oil to a dry bottle. If you can’t buy all of them, try to get sandalwood oil, geranium oil, rose and jasmine oil’s essences. Mix all of them and then apply to your skin as massaging. Perform it everyday before sleeping and after all baths.

Alternatively, you can prepare with 5 drops of rose oil, sandalwood oil and lemon juice by making a mask in every night. Apply it to your skin as massaging and keep it in skin whole night. This mixing will help you to reduce wrickles and refreshing the skin.

9- Essence oil for superorbital swellings and dryness

Mix 8 drops nut oil, 4 drops sandalwood oil, 6 drops daisy oil and 5 drops carrot seed oil and apply it toyour superorbital as massaging. Apply it softly to sensetive area under the eye. It makes the skin stronger, reduces swellings and eliminates spots.

10- Flower mask care for aging problems

Flower is idealt to use to make mask against aging. If you have sufficent time you can make your own flower mask. 4 tea spoon olive oil and marigold leaves, 4 tea spoons olive oil and rose leeaves, 4 tea spoons olive oil and daisy leaves, 4 tea spoons and linden leaves are necessary materials. If you have any one of them, you can prepare your mask. Use 1 flower, add some water and apply this mask to your face for 20 minutes then wash your face with cold water. It will make your face softer and your skin will start to breath again.

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