10 Herbal Tea That Helps to Fast Loss of Weight


Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea has thermogenic effect. It raises body temperature and increases metabolism energy. In this way you can burn much more calories. Beside that it balances your blood sugar, suppresses the hungry and balances cholesterol. You can prepare your cinnamon tea with only cinnamon or you can add it to other herbal teas as powder or quill.


Parsley Tea

Parsley tea doesn’t have a feature such as fastening burning the calorie or fat. Nevertheless, the only reason that it exists in diet programs is peptic feature and removing excess water out of the body and makes you 1 step forward in scale.  Another  benefit of parsley tea is being rich for  folate, potassium, calcium, C and A vitamins


Ginger tea

The most important feature of ginger tea is relieving stomach, preventing nausea and making digestion easier. Also fastens metabolism to give weight is stated by people bu there isn’t any study to prove it.


Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea makes fat cells smaller and in long term decreases fat rate if you drink it regularly in mornings. Name of the tea can be different but it worths to try for some weeks.


White tea

The another tea which the doctors advise to lose weight is “White tea” and it prevents storing fats in body as decreasing absorption of fat in body. If you drink 2 cups of White tea in lunch, you can prevent fat storing in body.


Mate Tea

One of the component of this Mateine, makes the metabolism faster, raise body temperature and provides burning calories much more than normal conditions. Also makes felling of fullness longer. According to research which was performed in Denmark in 2001 with 44 different eover weight person, the person who drinks mate tea regularly gives %40 more weight than who doesn’t drink.



Kuş Otu Çayı

Consisting of a little purgative effect, chickweed tea helps to prevent swelling and it helps to emit the excess of water out of the body. The herb, which is rich of potassium and magnesium, has the effect of clearing the intestine. By drinking a cup of chickweed tea, you can lessen the problems about stomach bloating and drops.



Blueberry Tea

The most important feature of blueberry tea is balancing the body sugar and makes your starving lighter. If you drink 1 cup of blueberry tea  before dinner, you can leave the table with less calories


Green Tea

The reason that green  tea’s being showed as the first among weight loss teas is fastening the metabolism with cafeins and reducing fat rate of body with cathepsin. According to a study which was performed for 3 months and more than 35 men, men who drinks green tea gives weight faster than who doesn’t drink. (drinkers give 2.5 others 1.3)


Rosemary Tea

Rosemary Tea can provide vitamins and minerals that you need in diet, fastens blood flow, gives energy and increases concentration. By this way you can spend more energy.

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